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Microchip for rapid antibiotic-resistant bacteria testing

Coris BioConcept approached Sirris for their expertise in microproduction, to develop a biomedical microchip to rapidly detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a single test.

Coris BioConcept, a medium-sized company based in Gemboux, Namur Province, specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing rapid diagnostic kits for the medical sector. The test equipment is mainly used in hospital laboratories to detect whether patients are infected with a bacterium, virus or parasite.



Portable lab

The company recently focused on detecting bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics, a recurring issue in hospitals. It is essential to rapidly determine the strain of bacteria with which the patient is infected. The most efficient test can do so in under one hour, in a single test. In autumn 2015, Coris BioConcept launched a new, fully automated diagnostic platform – a portable laboratory no larger than an office computer. A sample taken from a patient is inserted into the device on a number of microfluidic chips depending on the type of analysis to be performed.

Coris called on Sirris for their expertise in microfabrication, to help develop a microchip for biomedical analysis, with microchannels only a few micrometres wide. The project covered the whole process, from the design and production of a prototype through to its industrialisation, with the aim of developing tests to be used in medical laboratories.