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beMatrix improves its understanding of the environmental impact of products and production

Understanding what you already have is a key first step ahead of further improvement and innovation - that was what, thanks to Sirris, beMatrix discovered in working toward the circular economy.

beMatrix, based in Roeselare, develops, produces and markets innovative, modular and reusable frame solutions for stands and events. Aluminum frames form the basis for these products which can be reused ad infinitum. beMatrix frames are 100% recyclable, being completely recycled by re-extruding the material to form profiles, from which new frames can be made. The textile or panel cladding, the material for which follows the whims of fashion, has to be separately applied to the frames. The company is always on the lookout for improvements to its products and processes. Therefore, beMatrix wanted to get a clear picture of the environmental impact of its current finishing materials before proceeding further - a job that fell to Sirris.

Straightforward analysis

Sirris provided the company with a very straightforward tool providing a picture of the environmental impact of a typical stand. This involved making a detailed comparison of the impact of various choices of materials, finishes and a number of critical components. This simple approach showed that a reduction of more than 40% in the environmental impact is possible for two similar stands. Furthermore, it emerged that the most environmentally-friendly version was up to 20% cheaper.

These findings meant that beMatrix could take things forward for itself. In this way, this company with its continuing innovative capacity has now taken the step of moving toward a more circular economy.