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BCW and Sirris design concept for trailer of the future

Berlaarse Constructie Werken – BCW for short – has been designing and manufacturing small and medium-sized trailers for consumers and businesses since 1978. The family-run business makes a wide array of vehicle and machinery carriers, motorbike trailers, box trailers, tippers and the like. With a view to marketing a new range of lightweight trailers, BCW decided to optimise the design of one of its tippers, i.e. trailers with load spaces that can be tilted sideways or backwards. It asked Sirris to assist it with this ambitious challenge in 2015.
  • Robust and reliable trailer with tiltable load space (tipper)
  • Simplify current concept and enhance its aesthetics

Family firm BCW – Berlaarse Constructie Werken – based in Berlaar has been designing and building trailers for more than 40 years. With its wide range of motorbike trailers, tippers, box trailers and machinery carriers, BCW focuses mainly on the B2B market. 

“Sirris simplified the current design and pinpointed areas for improvement.”


The art of simplification

Lasting quality at an affordable price was the objective for BCW as it went about optimising an existing trailer model, a tipper with a complex structure and several crossmembers. The Berlaar-based firm had two main goals. Firstly, the construction needed to be simpler and lighter: a streamlined design not only looks better but is also more economic. Secondly, it wanted to consider using alternative materials and components. For example, wear-resistant aluminium snap-on panels make assembly easier, while adapted suspension enhances driving comfort. 

New concept, in-depth analysis

With this checklist in mind, Sirris devised a new, simplified concept for the BCW tipper. The focus was on the chassis and suspension, the choice of material and the design of the crossmembers linking the various parts together. Using computer simulations, Sirris analysed what effect different types of load and driving conditions would have on the simplified design. The computer animations identified a number of areas where the existing design could be improved.  

From concept to production

Sirris was able to take BCW’s tipper design to the next level without costs spiralling. A simplified chassis made from light but strong material, a simpler, more aesthetically appealing structure with fewer crossmembers and welding...just a few adjustments that will benefit both BCW and its customers. BCW will also need to adapt its manufacturing methods in order to bring the new model to market, and has again chosen Sirris to assist it with this vital follow-up project.