Sharing ideas securely

The BOIP has just added the option to create an NDA online linked to i-Depot.

When you want to share an idea with potential partners, whether they are sub-contractors, suppliers, investors or others, it is advisable to sign a confidentiality agreement known as an NDA - a Non-Disclosure Agreement - that defines in advance under what conditions the disclosure will be made.
The BOIP - the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property - is now offering a new tool for creating this kind of agreement. When you register an idea in an i-Depot, you receive an official date that serves as legal proof that the idea exists on this date. The option that has just been added is the ability to create an online NDA linked to i-Depot.
This document is signed by both parties, and defines what the other party can do with your confidential information; the obligations of each party; exceptions to the rule; potential penalties if the agreement is breached; how to manage disputes, etc. It is a standard contract that states the conditions under which the collaboration will take place and which makes it possible to negotiate more freely with the partners.
If the partner that has signed the NDA discloses your idea, you can prove that the confidentiality agreement has been breached. The value of this evidence will depend on the circumstances and will be assessed together with other information by the court responsible for the case.
This additional i-Depot functionality only costs € 15. It is particularly useful for start-ups or inventors.
It goes without saying that, if the standard clauses do not suit you, it is better to have a more personalised contract drawn up by a lawyer specialising in intellectual property or contract law.

In addition, the BOIP has decided to make i-Depot free throughout June 2020 – and you can register as many ideas and i-Depots as you need! This measure has been organised to support entrepreneurs in these extraordinary times when new ideas are more important than ever.


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