Our services

Our services aim to help companies make the leap from technical expertise to marketable innovation. With over 60 years' hands-on experience, we are extremely well placed to offer practical assistance and information to make sure that your projects reach fruition.

  • Our technical experts can help you forge ahead by working with you to find practical solutions to any specific technological problems or overseeing the transformation of innovative ideas into attractive end products. We will also help in your innovation planning to insure a concrete outcome.

  • How practically feasible or realistic is an idea? Sirris can help you find out, and not just by offering advice. All the innovative solutions we develop together with you are also put to the test in an industrial setting, either on your behalf or in conjunction with you. Our high-tech infrastructure will always enable you to find out exactly where you stand.

  • Our experts monitor the latest technological and market trends on your behalf, then share the most relevant developments, ideas and business cases with you in blog posts, in-depth articles and seminars. This technology watch service means you are always aware of the latest key developments within or affecting your sector.