High-tech infrastructure and a network of industrial partners

How practically feasible or realistic is an idea? Sirris can help you find out, and not just by offering advice. All the innovative solutions we develop together with you are also put to the test in an industrial setting, either on your behalf or in conjunction with you. Our high-tech infrastructure will always enable you to find out exactly where you stand.

A few examples of our infrastructure

Application Labs for swift progress

The experts in our labs are there to advise and assist you, enabling you to find answers, devise solutions or design end products quickly. To this end, Sirris has set up a number of specialised Application Labs to focus on specific hot topics, including composites, intelligent coatings, microfabrication and wind energy.   



A portal to Europe

Our extensive network of national and international partners offers you access to a tremendous range of high-tech infrastructure, top expertise and European research projects.

Top Faculty

An initiative to bring world class knowledge within your reach by fostering interactions between our technology industry and top-notch worldwide universities.