A secure digital footprint for intellectual assets

The WIPO is launching a new online service that provides tamper-proof evidence of the existence of any electronic file in any format at any given time.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has been offering the WIPO PROOF tool for a few days. This is a new service that provides secure, tamper-proof evidence of the date a digital file has been created. Registering your file means you can safeguard the results of innovative work from the concept stage via development to marketing, whether the creations become registered intellectual property rights or not. The tool also allows you to record trade secrets of any kind.
Cost: Approx. € 19 for 2 years.
Don't forget that BOIP - the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property - has also for many years been offering a service that provides evidence of the existence of an intellectual asset, i-Depot, which has been hugely successful.
This technology can be used to safeguard evidence as a means of establishing previous existence and ownership, which avoids abuse and misappropriation and helps resolve possible future disputes.


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