Some references

Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

Vepola Industrial Coatings called in Sirris's Smart Coating Application Lab to develop an innovative smart coating to act as a heat-resistant shield.
Understanding what you already have is a key first step ahead of further improvement and innovation - that was what, thanks to Sirris, beMatrix discovered in working toward the circular economy.
The family business All Events, based in Zedelgem in West Flanders (Belgium), hires out temporary infrastructure solutions for events, such as chalets for Christmas markets and overnight accommodation for festivals. However, it needed to adjust both the design and the product to be able to expand internationally.
Sirris optimizes PlantHive's smart greenhouse concept for mass production.
Sirris and three research partners (including CRM) have developed an easier and more affordable manufacturing process to produce metal/plastic hybrid parts.
Smart oil tanks: Sirris is involved in designing the ultrasound measurement sensor for the new FullUP gauges.
Within the ICON Videspro research project project, Flanders Make and Siemens called in SLC-Lab for the development and production of a use case.
BVC Development was looking for a way to make composites fire-resistant: a requirement imposed by many sectors that is at odds with the traditional composition of these materials. The matrix material typically consists of a flammable epoxy, and SLC-Lab contributed to this innovative development.
Gilbos devised for itself an innovative yarn-twisting process for carpet manufacturing. However, the precision of the system Gilbos produced for this purpose proved problematic for its rollout. In this light, it decided to call on the know-how and precision-manufacturing capabilities provided by Sirris.
Sky Man International, based in Boom (Belgium), is a firm believer in continuous improvement of both its products and its production systems and order processing. In this light, it introduced QRM into its production department and offices. This new collaborative team approach has made lead times even shorter and has further improved internal operations.


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