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Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

Lowist Toegangsbeheer installs and maintains automatic bollards for the public sector. After 15 years, the company is now an established fact in Bilzen in the Limburg region of Belgium. Lowist has realised many projects for cities and municipalities. An initial small innovation in 2010 consisting of the development of its own control system via a PLC to display error information and to adjust specific settings using the control system was already a step forward.

Gra-fix approached Sirris with the idea to use a coating to fixate gravel on driveways and garden paths to create a rigid surface and to prevent the formation of tracks. After the development process Gra-fix is planning to offer the fixation product through DIY centres and construction companies.

The Dutch VeroMetal company offers a unique process that can be used to finish any surface or design with a metal coating using a cold process. A mixture of a binder and metal powder can be sprayed, poured or applied using a spatula and dries to create a surface with the optical and physical properties of metal. The surface can be sanded, polished, patinised or oxidised during post-processing.

The convergence of cloud, communication and IoT structure and the trend towards virtual applications bring about new challenges for application developers and infrastructure providers. The resulting systems are complex with dynamic resources that could possibly hide issues. This creates a demand for flexible monitoring and optimisation methods. The Flex4Apps Itea project, set up by German and Belgian organisations including Sirris and various companies, tackles the challenges of monitoring and optimising large distributed cyber-physical systems. The project objective is to create a solution to manage large volumes of data and to control the complexity of system monitoring with minimal disruption of the target system.

Thales Alenia Space Belgium, based in Charleroi, wanted to optimise the support structure of its PCBs and integrate a cooling system. These structures, which are used in space and in other areas that require strict heat management, actually have to become increasingly efficient . This means also that they have to be able to efficiently discharge the additionally generated heat.

Innovation and smart automation have for years been of key importance to JTEKT Torsen Europe, Factory of the Future 2016 and 2019, from Strépy-Bracquegnies in the Walloon region. The company is a global market leader in the production of limited-slip differentials for lorries with four-wheel drive.

Parkwind is a pioneer company in Europe in the field of investing, developing, building and running offshore wind farms since 2012. Three windfarms in the Belgian part of the North Sea are operated by Parkwind: Belwind, Northwind, Nobelwind. Together they represent a capacity of 552MW. An additional windfarm, Northwester 2, is currently in the construction phase.

Granutools wants to offer technology to assess the spreadability of metallic powders and therefore called upon the expertise of Sirris. Sirris assisted Granutools in selecting the powders to be tested (based on a study of how easily the powders can be spread, according to the experience Sirris had with these batches at the practical level), in acquiring a better knowledge of the SLM process, in conducting in-situ tests and knowledge acquisition. The collaboration resulted in improving the test equipment developed by Granutools and enabled assessing the importance of the interaction between the powder material, recoater and its effect, on the spread of the powder bed in the AM machine, and in linking this acquisition of knowledge and knowhow to the quality of the spreading.

Parker Hannifin is the world’s leader in development, production and sales of technologies, systems and components in the field of motion and control. Parker Hannifin provides custom-made solutions for a wide range of engineering problems in many domains, from energy, water and agriculture to hydraulics and aircraft- and ship-building.


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