Some references

Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

Granutools offers measuring technology to characterise metallic additive manufacturing powders. It aims to provide technology to characterise the spreadability of the powders and approached Sirris for its expertise in the field.
Fullwood Packo is a manufacturer of cooling tanks for liquids for the dairy, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The close contact with dealers and end customers enables it to respond quickly to the needs of the market.
Brussels-based cloud provider Fourcast has worked with Sirris on a feasibility study considering the use of blockchain to guarantee customer privacy in the context of the GDPR. The focus was mainly on ‘the right to be forgotten’.
Cowboy’s e-bike entered the European market in 2019. The company worked together with Sirris on the e-bike design as well as standardised and customised testing.
Com&Sens is a growth company that delivers measurement solutions based on their own unique fibre optic technology. The company has proven the value of the technology in a broad portfolio of projects using steel, concrete and composite structures. These projects form part of various steps in the customer’s value chain, from design and production to construction and commercial exploitation. In all these phases, fibre optic measurement has proven an advantage.

For more than 30 years, Buzon has developed and manufactured innovative adjustable pedestal systems for exterior living spaces. The Liège-based family business has grown constantly over the last few years and has even moved to new premises.

Based in Ronse, Alpinter has been active for more than 30 years as a designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of tents and other humanitarian aid supplies. Alpinter’s customers include national and international NGOs, UN organisations and government entities worldwide.
Accumalux is active in thermoplastic injection moulding, mainly for the battery market. Established in 1976, Accumalux is a Luxembourg company specialised in injection moulding solutions for the battery industry. Their expertise encompasses the concept and production of battery holders, the cover and all types of battery accessories as well as the development and construction of matrices for the automotive industry and the production of specific plastic parts.
Rockfon is a leading manufacturer of acoustic suspended ceiling and wall solutions. The company needed more certainty over the quality of its products.
P&V Elektrotechniek engineers, builds, maintains and upgrades distribution boards and control panels – of all brands and sizes and for all potential uses. They stand for professional production, assembly and cabling of control panels. To improve efficiency, they strive to optimise, standardise and automate their processes as much as possible.


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