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Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

As the Belgian leading provider of small space systems with 30 years of experience, QinetiQ Space is a key partner in space and low orbit exploration and development, building, launching and operating complex space infrastructures to ensure future advantage for its customers.
LifeLine is preparing for the commercial release of the first wearable with a satellite transmitter, capable of relaying an SOS message in areas with a poor mobile phone signal. Designed for athletes and adventurers who pursue their passions in remote areas, it offers a range of services focused on personal safety and security.
Glooh Media, a technological start-up based in Liège, offers interactive communication solutions for SMEs on outdoor advertising screens (DOOH, digital-out-of-home). Their platform combines a tool to create dynamic announcements and an easy way to plan and book campaigns - visible hyper locally at neighbourhood-level. The system is enriched with real-time data - to plan, trigger and measure content displayed in context.
Goddeeris, a Roeselare industrial supplier, specialises in the machining of complex castings. During machining, it is essential to prevent vibrations caused by the equipment. The vibrations can be caused by a combination of tool geometry, machining and forces at specific frequencies. This ultimately leads to more downtime, faster tool wear and an unacceptable product finish. Vibrations are also one of the biggest challenges for companies working in heavy machining.
To follow the first offshore wind farm in the North Sea just off the north-eastern Belgian coast, the second wind farm is currently being deployed further west and further out to sea. The second park has been named the ‘Princess Elisabeth Offshore Energy Zone’, ‘Princess Elisabeth zone’ for short. The area covered in the Marine Plan 2020-2026 has an area of 281 km² and includes all wind farms to be built between 2020 and 2030. Together, the turbines have a capacity of 1.75 GW, double the previous amount of renewable energy produced at sea.
Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG), a German company, manufactures tracked and wheeled military vehicles, including armoured tactical vehicles. For verification of required climatic capabilities FFG tested the ACSV G5 (Armoured Combat Support Vehicle), a brand new developed design. The ACSV G5 is a flexible support of armed forces on the battlefield with a wide range of mission capabilities through the use of different mission modules. The tested version was the cargo variant equipped with an additional loading crane.
For over 30 years, EuroSign has been producing both standard and custom-made traffic signs in Fernelmont near Namur, with extremely short delivery lead times. The company is currently working on a smart traffic control system that could revolutionise the market.
A few years ago, the Walloon company Thales Alenia Space Belgium and Sirris initiated the ThermAM project, as assigned by the ESA, to redesign and produce using additive manufacturing, electronic component mounting brackets for the aerospace industry and other fields where strict heat management is required. This production procedure proved not to be optimal and the production lead time was too long. The high production costs of the mounting bracket made it unattractive compared to standard solutions, despite higher thermal performance. A follow-up project was set up to improve the overall design and production process, and to reduce production costs.
Caterpillar Inc, an American company with offices worldwide, develops and manufactures heavy-duty machines to build roads and waterways and the mining industry. The company also manufactures generator sets and other equipment driven by diesel engines and gas turbines. Caterpillar needs to be assured of the quality of their products and components even when stored at ports or when being transported by sea. The company decided to test motor blocks to be transported all over the world, in their packaging and under extreme conditions. The aim was to find out whether the packaging materials sufficiently protected the products during freighting at sea and when stored.
AMW Industry - Antwerpse Motoren Werke -  is een mechanisch atelier gespecialiseerd in het vervaardigen en herstellen van onderdelen voor industrie en scheepvaart, naast hardcoating van metalen. De kleine onderneming maakt in opdracht van de grote groepen machineonderdelen, voert herstellingen uit en brengt coatings aan. AMW beschikt hiervoor over een uitgebreid machinepark, voor onder meer conventioneel en numeriek draaien en frezen, kotteren, boren, rond‐ en vlakslijpen en polijsten. Daarnaast is de onderneming een belangrijke speler in de nichemarkt van thermal spray coating, een manier om harde, slijtvaste beschermingslagen aan te brengen op metalen.


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