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Yesplan start-up grows to become a scale-up

Yesplan was established in 2011 and is currently market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands for planning systems in cultural centres. The start-up was an answer to the need of cultural centres such as Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium, for a planning system, in cooperation with Inceptive. The lack of appropriate planning systems for this specific sector, larger systems were too expensive and smaller, inexpensive systems were too static or old-fashioned, led the initiators to develop their own system.


The initiative could count on the initiators' knowhow on the market, gained through their experience at Vooruit and the technical knowledge at Inceptive. It was hard to find out who the customers would be. Yesplan at first selected the SaaS model, which gave them an advantage compared to some of the competition that had a desktop-based product. Yesplan was in the right place at the right time: the cultural sector was still using Excel for their planning but many were becoming aware that there should be a better way to organise the planning. The start-up was ready for business.


The sales, marketing, finance and more were challenges the start-up had to face. It went in search of the right people who had the required knowledge, of employees who could provide complementary skills.


Yesplan is currently the market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands and has a ‘churn rate’ ( rate of attrition) of less than 2%. Yesplan limited itself to these two countries for as long as the product and implementation were not optimised and until the company itself was standing on a solid foundation. Then it started conquering the rest of Europe. The focus for 2018 is on internal professionalisation. In 2019 Yesplan wants to expand to new countries. In 2021 Yesplan is aiming to have 500 customers worldwide.


The biggest challenge during this growth period is, alongside market limitation, its own organisation. Yesplan has already changed from a Dutch-based into an international organisation where communications are in English. Collecting all the know-how in manuals and training courses also takes time and effort.


Yesplan looked for support during this evolution process and found Sirris expert Omar Mohout. The company took part in the programme where it gathered new information. A whole network suddenly became available through the contacts they made among the other participating companies which were in a similar growth phase and thus knowhow was exchanged.