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Televic and Sirris are working on IT solutions for the healthcare sector

The CareWare project uses electronic textile to design unobtrusive wearable solutions suitable for applications in healthcare and sports. The Belgian project partners focused on the health sector and specifically on the development of solutions to follow patients in an inconspicuous, non-stigmatising and comfortable manner. The use case aimed to provide support to the nursing staff of a care institution when following the rehabilitation of patients, their increasing activity, after an intervention such as a knee replacement. Sirris's EluciDATA Innovation Lab was one of the initiators in the project. One of the Belgian partner companies was the West Flemish Televic which develops, produces and installs customer-specific high-tech communication systems for specific niche markets. 


This project gave Televic the opportunity to research the possibility of integrating its personal alarm and communication system in a textile carrier for home nursing application. The system as a possible gateway for various sensors attached to the body of a patient was also researched. The project also contributed towards the research into possible sensor carriers.

IT developments

Sirris and Televic built a dashboard and alarm system for nursing staff. The dashboard indicates the current status, rehabilitation level and progress of the patients and alerts nurses when a patient explicitly asks for assistance (by pressing the emergency button or by means of a specific hand gesture that is recognised by the camera).


The research activities performed by Sirris and Televic led to the definition of the overall architecture of the system as well as setting up various alarm scenarios to illustrate the objectives of the project.