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ED converts product into a digital service

Electronic Design (ED) in Brussels has specialised in the development and manufacture of electronics for more than 20 years including call systems for homes for the elderly and nursing homes. The basic product is a device that is used by residents and care staff to make calls and log interventions. 


ED's management was playing with the idea of creating a hub based on the call system. The hub would be available in each room to log all local interventions and alerts but not just within the context of a care home, but also in service flats and private homes. A research and development project was set up in partnership with Sirris with the support of Innoviris. The architecture of the product was thoroughly revised. The main part of the solution is no longer the device but a digital service. 

Digital turnaround

The hub of the system is a cloud-supported digital alerting and intervention reporting platform. State-of-the-art technology was used such as cloud services, local network technologies and interfaces for mobile applications.


The company is now a firm supporter of the API economy (i.e. focus on the core business, the rest is built via links to APIs - application programming interfaces) and open source technology that is even being used for the company hardware. The Electronic Design hardware is easily linked to third-party sensors and the integration with applications of, for example, care institutions is a key element of the solution. In short, a textbook example of digital innovation in a traditional context.