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Coding box for optical module

Sirris helps Skylane Optics develop an ergonomic box with a higher performance.

Skylane Optics supplies various data transport solutions including optical modules to more than two thirds of the European telecom operators.


Until recently, the coding box with the printed circuit board (PCB; motherboard) and all intelligence of the device was a simple standard metal box. The company wanted to review the box itself as a subcontractor had developed a new more efficient printed circuit board. The company approached Sirris to design its ‘own’ product that would be more ergonomic and would have additional functions.


Based on provisional Skylane specifications, Sirris proposed an initial series of designs which matched the image of the company which included the main functions.


This design was further elaborated based on the developments by Skylane and its subcontractor with regard to the printed circuit board and additional elements such as shock resistance, convenience of use for the programmers, etc..


Next, Sirris ensured the concept could be created using plastic injection moulding and the Centre ensured that it could include all functions indicated in the specifications (connectors, push buttons, slots, a buddy line, etc.).


Prototyping was used to test the designed housing in practice with various flexible materials, a rigid TPU or PA depending on the components. Once the design was optimised, coated prototypes were produced. 


Currently, some of the new boxes are on display in trade fairs to launch the product on to the market while others are being subjected to additional technical tests at the company.