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Caterpillar tests motor blocks in storage and for sea freight

Caterpillar Inc, an American company with offices worldwide, develops and manufactures heavy-duty machines to build roads and waterways and the mining industry. The company also manufactures generator sets and other equipment driven by diesel engines and gas turbines. Caterpillar needs to be assured of the quality of their products and components even when stored at ports or when being transported by sea. The company decided to test motor blocks to be transported all over the world, in their packaging and under extreme conditions. The aim was to find out whether the packaging materials sufficiently protected the products during freighting at sea and when stored.

A sea of (testing) space

The Caterpillar motor blocks were tested in the Sirris large climatic test chamber, against the IEC 60068-2-30 international standard for the environmental testing of electrotechnical products. This test determines the adequacy of components, equipment or other products for use, transport and storage in high humidity conditions, combined with cyclic temperature changes, which cause condensation on the surface. The packaging must be included in the test.

During the test, the motor blocks were exposed to heat and humidity for two periods of 12 hours. A large number of motor blocks were tested in their packaging at the same time, given the size of the climatic test chamber.