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Arkite sprint from start-up to scale-up

Arkite, based in Genk, ensures that operators in production make fewer mistakes by using the 'Human Interface Mate' (HIM), a 3D sensor that monitors operations. The HIM system guarantees that the operator takes all the right steps of a standard procedure. If an operator skips a task or performs a procedure differently, a warning is emitted. 


Arkite started trading in 2016 and soon had more than ten customers where various Arkite applications were implemented. The start-up wanted to conquer the market and decided to ask for support.


These experts, including Omar Mohout from Sirris, acted as an external advisory board of experts to provide expertise they did not have in-house. They have the expertise to help determine opportunities and pitfalls. To put Arkite firmly in the market, Arkite was compared to similar innovative companies globally. All aspects where carefully examined including Internet marketing, search engine results and unique selling points, but also the business plan and pricing. The study showed that the company was on the right track and that only a few useful extras needed to be added.


The provided support helped Arkite make the right choices and keep growing.