Recognize real bio-based products and unmask 'greenwashing'

A growing market and stronger public awareness are accelerating the adoption of bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable products. But how can you identify and evaluate these products? And what is their current position in the circular economy? The Sirris and Centexbel webinar on 31 March will bring you up to date on this within the hour! 

There are many ways to indicate the sustainable nature of a product, but there is also a danger here, because suppliers are all too often guilty of ‘greenwashing’. It is therefore extremely important that companies that want to use or process such products have a good idea of what they are actually made of. Labelling and certification help people assess a product, but because different methods are used for this the user still has to check the basis on which the label was awarded. What’s more, there is considerable confusion about the terms ‘bio-based’, ‘biodegradable’ and ‘biocompostable’. 

One-hour webinar

To keep you better informed about this, Sirris and Centexbel are organizing a free webinar on this topic on 31 March. During this online event, the relevant concepts will be discussed separately and the participants will come away with a good idea of the existing guidelines, the usual tests, certification standards and the different labels. You can expect a presentation by Organic Waste Systems (OWS), a world-class reference in the field of testing biodegradable materials, followed by a presentation by Denuo, the Belgian federation for the waste and recycling sector. We end our webinar with a presentation of the Curcol project, in which the bio-based dye curcumin is investigated for its use in biodegradable applications.  

Would you like to participate in this webinar or just want more information? Then go to our agenda!

This webinar is organized by Sirris and Centexbel, partners in the COOCK project BioCoat, which deals with bio-based coatings. 


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