I was writing a new feature announcement email, and found myself describing this new feature in 7 (seven!) easy steps. While writing this email, wondered why I was exposing my users to some of the implementation details. So I sat back for a moment, opened my code editor, changed my user interface, hiding all the internal stuff and deployed the change. Then I sent an updating email and enjoyed for a brief moment a feeling of achievement. Then, it struck me: product management for a SaaS product is tough and I still have a lot to learn.

Running a software as a service (SaaS) business is hard: you need to develop and evolve a stellar software product, that elegantly and intuitively, dare I say 'auto-magically' solves pressing problems for your customers. You need to attract new customers, bring them onboard and hook them for life, you need to address support issues.

Zit u als SaaS-aanbieder met uw handen in het haar over de prijszetting van uw SaaS-product? Hoeveel kan u vragen? En zal de prijs die u hanteert voldoende de kosten dekken om een gezonde marge over te houden? Het antwoord op deze en vele andere vragen komt u te weten tijdens twee bootcampsessies die Sirris in september organiseert.

After international players such as Amazon, Rackspace, IBM and CSC, we are now focusing on domestic contributors for our fifth and final workshop in the series of workshops "Focus on your business, leave your IT infrastructure to the cloud". Curious as to how IaaS Belgian providers find solutions? Come to our last IaaS workshop on 11 February and ask the experts yourself!

Deze keer is het de beurt aan de leider in cloud transformation CSC om zijn inzichten uit de doeken te doen over wat klanten het belangrijkste vinden in de ontwikkeling van een succesvolle bedrijfsstrategie voor cloud transformation. U vraagt zich af hoe deze wereldspeler het aanpakt? En wilt u weten wat dit bij u concreet zou kunnen betekenen? Stel uw vragen direct aan deskundigen van het bedrijf zelf!

In a previous post, I wondered why nobody had come up with a "universal" way to visualise SaaS/Cloud architectures. In this blog post, I'll give it a very first try, using an example loosely based upon a project I'm working on.

Last week I attended VelocityConf Europe, an international conference dedicated to building a stronger and faster web. With speakers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, the BBC and many others, the conference promised to be inspiring. Here are my takeaways after 2 days of awesomeness: Faster is (much) better Mobile, mobile, mobile Responsive design to the rescue Mobile + fast = difficult We are not there yet, but help is on the way Misc

A few times now, customers have asked me to brainstorm with them on the software architecture for their SaaS product. It is a typical question when there are issues with system scalability or performance, or when maintainability or serviceability leaves much to be desired.

Meet the major players in the Cloud during five breakfast sessions on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Once a month Sirris and Agoria will invite an IaaS provider to whom you can ask all your questions, even the technical ones. We will kick off these sessions on October 15 with Amazon. The presentations will be given in English.