Enter your candidacy for Factory of the Future Award 2022!

Have you, as a manufacturing company, delivered an exceptional performance in recent years in terms of lead time reduction, new technologies, automation, product and service development, quality improvement, labour organisation, sustainability, turnover growth, staff growth, etc.? Then your company may be eligible for a Factory of the Future Award. Take a chance and register now!

The Factory of the Future Awards are annual prizes awarded by Sirris and Agoria for the manufacturing companies with the best breakthrough results following strategic transformations.

It is really worth it to enter your company, because you will get a lot in return:

  • Your business is assessed in the light of seven essential transformations
  • You will receive a detailed report on your strengths and opportunities for growth
  • You are guided by experts through an intensive and high-quality assessment process

And if your company takes the trophy home, your life will be a bed of roses. A Factory of the Future Award opens many doors: your company will be in the spotlight far beyond your own industry, it can wear the Factory of the Future label for three years and you get access to the Learning Network with all previous winners!

The Factory of the Future Awards 2021 will be presented in early February 2022.
Register now and compete for an award!