Efforts made by Rf-Technologies awarded with Factory of the Future Awards

As a manufacturer of fire protection solutions Rf-Technology is one of the ten companies which received the title of Factory of the Future, the award granted by Sirris and Agoria to companies that best succeed in reconciling the technologies of the future with work tailored to people and the environment.

One of the key objectives of Sirris and Agoria is to enhance the contributions of the technological industry to a prosperous and sustainable society. Together with various partners Sirris and Agoria support manufacturing companies to achieve this, for example through the ‘Factory of the Future’ project, in which an award is granted each year to the best students of the class.

Factories of the Future invest in digitisation, smart processes and products and in global production, while also thoughtfully dealing with energy and materials and paying attention to involvement, creativity and autonomy of their employees. The ten winning companies this year are BMT Aerospace, Bosch, Colruyt Group Fine Food, Duracell, Janssen, Lavetan, Mirion Technologies, Niko Group, Materialise and Rf-Technologies.

Rf-Technologies, a leading European manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions, was founded in 1985 and is based in Oosterzele. The company develops, produces and distributes an extensive product range with fire dampers, grilles, smoke dampers, sealing material ... End customers include ventilation and smoke extraction installation companies. The solutions, which meet the strictest European standards, are installed in numerous buildings, including hospitals, public buildings, hotels and office buildings, all over Europe. The two branches in Belgium and Slovakia employ almost 200 people. The company has an annual growth rate of 7 percent.

Rf-Technologies relies on a strong, extensive network and various partnerships that contribute to the success of the company. For example, it works closely together with a social enterprise and technical schools in the region.

Thoughtful digitisation

The Belgian branch is constantly looking for the ideal combination between quality, delivery time and efficiency. That is why the operational department went through a real change process in order to evolve into a factory that is ready for the future. The focus here is on innovation, efficiency and digitisation. It allows for completely paperless operations on a production line: the operator sees on a screen what to do with the product he is working on. The line is also designed so that both operators with a large and small stature can work on it ergonomically. The efforts result in concrete benefits for the company such as improved delivery times (from 10 days to 2 days for the main products), higher delivery reliability (98-99 percent), an efficiency improvement of 20 percent, energy savings, real-time digital monitoring ...

Digital customer contact

Contact with customers is also increasingly digital. For example, Rf-Technologies uses a database containing all products and their characteristics, which makes it possible to communicate with customers in a simple and unambiguous way. This database is the basis for a system in which various stakeholders work together within projects to deliver a building with fewer errors and lower costs. 

Wondering what a Factory of the Future looks like on the inside? From 21 March to 9 June Agoria will again organise a Factory of the Future Roadshow, which will visit 19 of the winners. This roadshow is your chance to see how Factory of the Future winners operate, to connect with them and test your own challenges against their experience. More information is available in our agenda.