A demonstrator leads businesses towards connected objects

The market for connected products and devices is booming. For many businesses, it is essential to make the most, whilst guaranteeing the quality of the products they market and full command of all the skills associated with a field that remains unfamiliar to many.

In response to demand from a number of Wallonian stakeholders, Sirris launched its 2-year ValSmart project in 2018, within the framework of the European Cornet programme. Conducted in partnership with the German Hahn-Schickard research centre (active in microsystem engineering, microassembly technologies, sensor design, etc.), the project benefits from support form a group of users comprised of Wallonian and German SMEs.

The aim of ValSmart is to perfect tools to accompany industrial firms during the development of IoT products. Based on a specific methodology, these tools can help objectively describe product specifications and identify the best configuration to adopt, based on needs and constraints. Furthermore, they enable businesses to improve their understanding of the fields of expertise that are associated with this type of development, and to identify the necessary in-house skills, as well as those they can seek outside of their organisation.


'ValBOX' is the project’s flagship demonstrator. This connected and configurable object fully demonstrates the many advantages offered by ‘smart products’. The object is endowed with different means of communication, together with sensors and actuators, in order to demonstrate the potential scope and limits associated with each solution. It will also be connected to various IoT/Cloud platforms to illustrate the type of data that can be collected, in what format and for what use.

The ValBOX will be the focal point of an event organised by Sirris early 2020 to inspire businesses, in particular SMEs that are still somewhat reluctant to venture on this unknown territory. Interested? Keep an eye on our agenda!

Are you still unsure as to how IoT can help you develop your activity and change the way you deliver quality to your clients? Or perhaps you are simply looking for a way to offer added value to a smart product already on the market? Come and join our event entitled 'Smart products unlocked' !