Cybersecurity in manufacturing
With cybersecurity threats on the rise, today’s need for cyber-resilience could not be greater. Is your manufacturing business ready to face and resist an unprecedented growth of cybercrime? Outsmart hackers before they outsmart you. Make use of our services in ‘Cybersecurity in Manufacturing’.

Are you ready for an era of cyberattacks?
With more than 30.000 cyberattacks registered each year and a 20% annual increase in incidents, cybercrime has never been more real for Belgian SMEs. This also stands for the manufacturing industry: machines are being connected, data collected and exchanged (often through cloud services), posing a real risk to cyberattacks.
In the blink of an eye, any business without sufficient resilience can become the victim of cybercrime. The consequences of security breaches - interrupted operations, data loss and a spoiled reputation - may take years to recover from. Therefore, in order to prevent these breaches, your SME needs a tailor-made strategy and a clear roadmap for resilience.

The cybersecurity threat in numbers

Thanks to the survey on cybersecurity Sirris did last year in cooperation with Agoria, Howest and UGent, we have a pretty good picture of the situation in the Belgian production industry, and we all have a very good reason to be worried.

How Sirris can help you win the battle

Identifying threats and defining your strategy
Not every company has the resources to do an extensive cyber-security check-up. Sirris can help to carefully verify your infrastructure to detect possible threats and provide you with fine-grained solutions and best practices to enhance your cyber resilience.
Improve cybersecurity resilience of your production
Especially for manufacturing companies facing digital transformation and using legacy systems and equipment, cybersecurity is often a tough topic. With expert advice and personalised guidance, Sirris will help your business to solve specific problems or challenges and drastically improve resilience against cyber threats such as ransomware, malware, phishing or denial-of-service attacks. 

Take the path to cyber resilience

Our main goal is to raise awareness on how to protect manufacturing SME's against cyber threats, as well as to provide technological solutions for the specific problems they are facing. Whether your business needs quick advice, or in-depth assistance from start to finish, a specialised team of cyber security experts is there to help. 

Free 1-hour intake
Which challenges or problems are you facing? Schedule a free intake meeting to identify threats and vulnerabilities. Leave with new insights and a clear summary of solutions to tackle specific security risks and issues.
Orienting advice or In-depth trajectory
Address your cyber security challenges with the help of subject matter experts. Get advice on technology and IT-architecture, and learn how to perform risk analysis and security planning against cyber threats.
Opt-in for a collective masterclass on cybersecurity focused on typical pain points and relevant defense actions for manufacturing SMEs. Learn how to protect you connected shop floor, data exchange and supply chain interactions.

Tailored to the needs of SMEs

Our cybersecurity services were developed specifically for and tailored to the needs of SMEs in the production industry. It is suited for CEOs, IT staff members, process engineers, and production or marketing managers, eager to tackle a specific security-related problem or challenge, and drastically improve resilience against hacker attacks and other cyber threats.

Get the best of two worlds

Sirris combines a lifetime of experience in manufacturing with the knowledge of Belgium’s highest qualified cybersecurity and IT experts. Get access to both Sirris experts and a network of partners in the academic world as well as in the field of industrial cybersecurity. This unique blend of expertises will allow you to find the right solutions a lot faster and to tackle your challenges with more precision.

Competitive pricing & discounts

The Sirris ‘Cybersecurity in Manufacturing’ program is offered at a very competitive price, making it available for any SME in the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, we will gladly assist your business to find suitable regional financing if applicable (VLAIO, Innoviris, etc.). Get in touch with our team for more information on pricing and possible discounts.

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How can we support you?

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