Validating extreme working conditions for different industries

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Mining machinery and wind turbines in Northern Siberia or Canada, for example, need to withstand temperatures down to -40°C or even -60°C in certain extreme cases. On the other hand, solar energy plants or construction equipment in regions such as India, Australia, and the Middle East must be developed to cope with an ambient temperature rise to +55°C or more. Heating, ventilation and cooling performance (HVAC) of such power plans and the driver comfort for off-highway machinery in such hot climate conditions become of the importance in these regions. Such extraordinary working conditions require extreme testing and validation methods, and dedicated test infrastructure to fulfill customer needs. 

Because Sirris provides access to a unique large climate chamber and a complementary test service, several international manufacturers have taken advantage from this unique environmental test laboratory for heavy and large machinery. The following industries and equipment can benefit from the laboratory and its associated services to test for robustness and reliability in extreme climates and reduce their time-to-market in the field of environmental testing. We offer independent tests tailored to your needs, or we rent out the test facility to your company test and validation department. 

testing extreme temperatures

Industry test specimen that we frequently test and validate: