The Business of the Future runs on digital technology

Today, companies are overwhelmed by rapidly changing trends, technological developments and changing consumer needs. How do they adapt their activities, their business, to the future? If we want to shape the 'business of the future', we have to take into account the impact of society, the economy and technology on how (added) value can be created, captured and delivered to customers.

Digital technology changes both the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of business. Innovation based on digital developments changes the core of the offer, affecting both the product and the business model. A development full of opportunities and challenges for the future.

A futureproof business combines the potential of technology with the potential of digital age business models.

The emerging technologies and digital business models are the building blocks for innovation. But what are these technologies? How can they be used successfully? And do they really make your business 'futureproof'? Sirris can help you with this because it has, over the years, built up the necessary experience, gained insights into the technologies and materials involved and has done this through working with many different companies.

We will guide you through a comprehensive training programme.

Make your business 'futureproof' in four sessions

1. Digital Business Patterns (half-day session): we present insights and trends, at Belgian and European level, with inspiration from scale-up examples and a practical exercise.

2. Digital Business and the Rules of the Game (half-day session): experiment with a market-driven approach, hyper-scalability, the impact of growth tactics and the digital footprint.

3. Digital Business Operations (half-day session): this session deals with the subscription model as a digital business model, the tech stack and API economy, revenue models and financial plans.

4. Digital Business Modelling (half-day session): the three business models 'Digital market place', 'Data-driven business model' and 'Community building model' will be discussed. Adoption into the industrial value chain and risk management will also be addressed.

The workshops are all followed by individual sessions to which you bring your own project and draw up your own plan.

Want to know more about the Futureproof sessions? Click here for further details or download the brochure, which contains all the information.

From insight to plan

Other sessions are planned for the future, under the name 'From insight to plan', in which we will offer you insight into business and minimal viable product, in order to work out a plan for your company:

  • Data Driven Business Models: gain insight into the business model and the minimum viable data application.
  • Blockchain for a Futureproof Business: gain insight into blockchain business applications and in the design of a minimum viable blockchain application.

Are you interested in taking part in these sessions?

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Are you not yet entirely familiar with the terminology, or would you like to know more about emerging technologies and digital business models? Download the Business of the Future Cheat Sheet and all will become clear.