Vision technology as key to make products smart and autonomous

On 25 October Sirris and Flanders Make organise their Mechatronics4.0 Masterclass IV on vision technology. The aim of this masterclass is to inform you about the merits of vision technology and provide you insights about how to integrate these systems in your products or production in an effective way.

To keep or improve their competitive edge, machine builders are on the one hand obliged to maximise the quality of their machines and to minimise the faulty output. On the other hand, manufacturers of mechatronics products face a raising demand for autonomous and smart products. For companies active in the field of mechatronics, this is both a challenge as opportunity. In both cases, vision technology can be key to achieve new novel production systems and products.

Potential of vision technology

Over the last decade Flanders Make has built up an extended experience in the development of vision systems. Vision technology allows to sense the environment in which an autonomous system operates and proper image processing allows to extract the required information for taking adequate control decisions. Vision technology can also be deployed in production lines for in-line quality inspection purposes. It allows to realise a reliable detection of defects. Recent developments in fields of low-cost technology such as optical sensors, graphical processing units in combination with proper image processing software algorithms allow the widespread deployment of vision systems to a broader range of machinery and trigger the rethinking of the traditional products.

The Mechatronica 4.0 project aims to help Flemish companies to realise the Industry 4.0-philosophy. Vision technology will be a key feature of next generation of autonomous, safety and inspection systems, and it is the focus of the Mechatronics 4.0 Masterclass of 25 October. The aim is to inform you about the merits of vision technology and to provide you with insights about what it means to integrate these systems in your products or production. In addition, Flanders Make and imec will present their view on vision technology, which enables the realisation of smart vision based products. The different themes will be illustrated based on industrial use cases.

You will find all further information on our Masterclass in our agenda.