Stijn Gielis

Peter Hernou, barista, World Latte Art Champion and CEO of start-up Labrints, has taken up the challenge of bringing perfect drinks to the hospitality sector and thus to the consumer. Peter knows how to prepare a quality drink, but how to get the perfect product into the consumer's cup without the physical presence of the barista? To do so, the company has developed a smart steamer: ‘aēralab’ stands out from other devices by making the skills of the barista scalable through technology.

Denis Vandormael

The Internet of Things is conquering the world, already well established in some domains and starting a revolution in others, such as the medical and patient care sector. The new upcoming applications may require other integration techniques to be considered. Enter '3D-PID', developed by Sirris, offering a great flexibility and capacity for customisation, as the approach is essentially based on 3D printing techniques. Discover the four steps of this approach and its advantages here!

Pieter Beyl

Do you want to implement an IoT solution for your product or simply get a better idea of what it would require in terms of technology? Sirris will gladly help you on your way.

Hilde Krikor
Olivier Gramaccia

Every year in May, the elite of the Belgian life sciences community attends’s annual Knowledge for Growth business conference in Ghent, attracting decision makers from biotech, pharma and medtech, agricultural and chemical industry as well as investors, universities, top-notch research institutes, policymakers and competence providers. Sirris will be there too: join us on 18 and 19 May 2022!

Tom Jacobs

Tool monitoring is needed in the milling process in order to be able to automate it and to ensure the quality of the products. This is not an easy task where micromilling tools are involved, but acoustic sensors can offer a solution for this.

Hilde Krikor
Olivier Gramaccia

Anno 2022, great interest goes to neurotechnology and neuroscience. In both industry and academia, new applications are being discovered each day. NeuroTech Leuven’s MINDSEED on 27 April aims to educate non-experts on state-of-the art neurotechnology and neuroscience and connect its experts. Sirris will be there too!

Jakob Kesteloot

Thyssenkrupp Materials wanted to boost the overall equipment efficiency of its metal sawing by increasing the productivity and availability of a hacksaw machine and cutting the cost of replacing its blades. This turned out to be extremely cheap and simple to implement.

Jakob Kesteloot

Many manufacturing companies have already focused on automation and digitisation to some extent, but this has often been done in isolation and in different ways. Little communication takes place between these islands and little is known about the material, or the information, that goes from one set-up to another. Keeping a production line flexible and profitable is a serious challenge. This is also the case with Renier Natuursteen.

Anna Hristoskova
Nicolás González-Deleito
Annanda Rath

Smart connected products enable us to optimise operations & maintenance, ensure safety, reduce cost, make a more sustainable use of natural resources, etc. By design, smart connected products evolve more rapidly than their traditional counterparts. Your company too can benefit from the smartification of your product offer, with a little help from Sirris.

Frank Van den Broek

In a recent patent application by ArcelorMittal, hyperspectral imaging is used to monitor the quality of a coating process in which a polymer coating is applied to a metal substrate.