Office processing and administration activities have a huge impact on your customer response times as well as your operations cost and quality. Learn how to reduce these response times and increase customer satisfaction while lowering your costs and improving your quality.

An important aspect of the demonstrator in the Smart & Digital Factory Application Lab in Kortrijk is data integration. Connecting the different elements of production systems is one of the six skills of a smart, agile factory.

The Dutch metallurgical SME Bregil recently went for a different approach on the production floor, according to the QRM principles. The result is now an empty floor, a quiet workshop and higher turnover, thanks to shorter lead times and higher productivity.

Much has changed in over a year at metal company Blozo in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands: a positive atmosphere in the workplace, employees who feel involved, faster and better processed orders. Previously the company dealt with plenty of overtime and temporary workers had to be employed, but now, thanks to QRM, a much higher output is being realised with the regular team and within normal working hours.

The French DIAM Group creates, develops, produces and installs a wide range of merchandising solutions (POS) and sales solutions to enhance in-store products. For more than 40 years, the company has been supporting its customers around the world. To reduce delays from the start of the customers' project to delivery, DIAM has conducted many substantive actions and adopted the methodology of QRM (quick response manufacturing) to support these actions.

Because a short lead time is also essential in the services provided by Sirris, we examined our own operations to see if we could improve and reduce our lead times. To this end we called on our own expertise in quick response manufacturing (QRM).

Parker Hannifin is globally active in motion & control technologies. The arrival of a few new machines and the takeover of production activities from another European department prompted a different approach in production at the Belgian site. The company investigated how it could optimise the production, layout and, as a result, the lead time. QRM brought the right solution.

During a half-day masterclass, the pioneer of the QRM philosophy Rajan Suri will make a more in-depth exploration of POLCA, an alternative for Kanban. POLCA has been especially developed for high-mix, low-volume and custom-engineered products, for which Kanban systems are less well suited.

The QRM Institute Silver ® Course associates theoretical knowledge of the QRM principles and practical applications through exercises and operational simulations.

Aiming for perfection sounds good, but it can also be a pitfall. Economically speaking, perfection appears to be far from ideal.