Sirris and KU Leuven have started a cooperation to develop a new application of its femtosecond laser texturing technology in the field of ceramic prostheses, such as dental implants.

Coatings can be used to protect materials against the effects of rust, mould or dirt. This is why the Nanex Company, a manufacturer of protective products, is collaborating with the Sirris Smart Coating Lab in using nanotechnology to develop and improve existing product formulations.

Usage of (eco)toxicological data for bridging data gaps between and grouping of nanoforms of the same substance. Part II: Justifying grouping and the implementation of cross references for nanomaterials.

Usage of (eco)toxicological data for bridging data gaps between and grouping of nanoforms of the same substance. Part I: Specific measures applying to nanomaterials.

The DaNa Database provides information on the impact of nanomaterials on health and the environment and on risk management and safety.

The potential impact on health and the environment from manufactured nanoparticles has prompted the legislature to enact a Royal Decree concerning nanoparticles. The Royal Decree permits a national register for nanomaterials to be set up.

Sirris offers to centralise and monitor the evolution of regulations and standardisation in the rapidly developing field of nanomaterials and to support companies in the interpretation of these documents for their industrial purposes.

NANORA, the NANO Regions Alliance, will be holding a free seminar on NANOBIO in Saarbrücken, Germany, on 22 April. The seminar will serve to develop knowledge and skills and to make new business contacts.

NANORA (Nano Regions Alliance) will organise a "Convoy” trade mission for nanotechnology companies to visit Tennessee on the 16th-22nd of May. Tennessee has now enjoyed more than five years of growth since the end of the recession in 2009. On this business trip you will visit leading manufacturing companies and make important B2B contacts. On top of that, the trip offers excellent opportunities for networking with participants from several European countries.

For some years now nanotechnology has been moving more and more into the field of paints. This development is creating a great deal of new opportunities for various sectors.