How do you print a circuit or a sensor on your products? The answer is: AJP (Aerosol Jet Printing) ! To showcase this innovative technology and its benefits, Sirris Microfabrication AppLication Lab (SMALL) will be holding a number of exhibition sessions on 7 October as part of the Week of Miniaturisation (6 - 10 October 2014).

The possibilities of miniaturisation for product development appeal to the imagination. From healthcare to power supply or logistics: smaller devices provide unexpected benefits in many sectors. They astound due to their technological features, whereby they often go further than their larger counterparts. What can miniaturisation mean for your production? Be inspired during the Week of Miniaturisation, from 6 through to 10 October 2014 at the Sirris Microfabrication Application Lab (SMALL) in Seraing.