Industry 4.0 is built around the exchange of information between machines and higher-level systems. Connected machines and far-reaching digitisation ensure that manufacturing companies can make their production lines more flexible, secure and autonomous. For machine builders, connected machines offer the potential to develop digitally supported services.

With the SensInFood project, Sirris along with Flanders' FOOD has embarked on a journey to understand the sensor needs in the food industry. We are exploring novel techniques and advanced sensing technologies, such as hyperspectral imaging (HSI), to improve efficiency, quality and safety in the food industry. .

In a rapidly evolving and connected world, there are many opportunities for product manufacturers to create value with smart connected products. Even though it presents them with a number of new challenges, these innovations are also within reach of SMEs that are less familiar with them.

Making products smart and connected offers product builders a wide range of new opportunities to create value, but it also gives them a lot of choices. Patents contain extremely valuable information that helps in making informed choices when making smart products. Combining it with other sources of economic information, such as the 1 Million Club, can reinforce the results of patent searches even more.

Do you sometimes, as a manufacturer, encounter problems with premature product failure, and are the integrated electronics usually the problem? Would you like to find out more about the cause of such failures? A number of webinars have been arranged within the InProVol project for providing companies with information and the next one is about life-cycle profiling for electronic products.

Every product builder wants to avoid unexpected failures of his products when in operation. However, there is so much that can be said about the reliability of products and how to improve or guarantee it. We would like to know which topics are on your mind? Let us know and receive our practical step-by-step plan to draw up the life-cycle profile of your products.

Sensing and control are key capabilities for making your products smarter and more autonomous and they are the topic of the 'Mechatronics 4.0 Masterclass V: Best practices toward robust sensing & control of your system' on 20 June.

Sirris is helping a company to motorise the lenses of mini-cameras for remotely controlling images.

Smart, connected products offer opportunities for added value, but they also bring new challenges that have an impact on companies. Sirris, imec and Centexbel-VKC set up an innovative business network (IBN) aimed at helping product manufacturers, technology providers and suppliers.

EcoNation started working with Ghent University engineers on the concept of enhancing the daylight coming in from outside, using it as interior lighting for buildings. It wasn't long before the high-tech LightCatcher dome, using an automated, rotating mirror system with sensors to efficiently bring daylight into buildings, saw the light of day. The company turned to Sirris to optimise the robustness and the autonomy of the smart dome's mechatronical system.