Thomas Vandenhaute

Access to (raw) materials, but also climate, are important reasons why circularity should be high on the agenda of manufacturing companies. Two things are vital for companies in the manufacturing industry eager to make the transition to a circular economy: cooperation and trust.

Tom Tourwé
Bart Verlinden

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere today. Although the term was first used as early as the 1950s, AI has gained increasing attention in recent years. The importance and potential impact of AI is estimated to be very high, also for the manufacturing industry. However, despite the great expectations, many manufacturing companies are struggling to match AI with their concrete challenges: should we take the leap, or should we wait? Agoria and Sirris will gladly guide you through this process!

Walter Auwers

Have you, as a manufacturing company, delivered an exceptional performance in recent years in terms of lead time reduction, new technologies, automation, product and service development, quality improvement, labour organisation, sustainability, turnover growth, staff growth, etc.? Then your company may be eligible for a Factory of the Future Award. Take a chance and register now!

Pascal Pollet

Belgium is the fourth most productive country in the world, but our productivity growth has been sputtering. In this series, we present some practical tips that can easily boost productivity in the office and on the shop floor.

Walter Auwers

At Thor Park in Genk, where business, science and technology are joined on one campus, a brand new building for smart manufacturing companies will be built. It is the first concrete step in the realisation of a smart manufacturing campus on the site. By the end of 2022, 8,000 m² of production halls, labs and office space will be available. Sirris is among the first applicants to settle on the new site and thus contribute to the manufacturing industry of tomorrow.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Setting up a product as a product-service combination is a common step in making the manufacturing industry more circular. This was the theme of the most recent CE Connect Inspire learning network session. We will now share the most important building blocks and some lessons to be learned with you.

Jan Kempeneers
Peter Paulissen

Customers want products with an impeccable finish. Many steel or plastic products have irregularities caused during the production process which have to be eliminated by sanding, deburring or both. These operations are carried out manually, which has a lot of disadvantages. Automation is a possible solution, which Sirris (with the support of VLAIO) will now investigate in the COBOFIN project.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Today, circular economy is omnipresent. For manufacturing companies, this overwhelming offer is often still lacking focus. A new tool helps these companies to make meaningful and feasible choices in the short term. This by making acquired knowledge, insights and tried-and-tested methods widely accessible.

Christophe Michiels

​The closing event of the Interreg Factory 4.0 project took place on 10 June 2020. This included holding a Business Club on the theme of cyber security, which is a highly relevant topic these days.

Marie-France Rousseau

In 2019, few could have predicted how 2020 would turn out. Sirris had already been preparing itself and the industry for a digitised future, to ensure businesses are more resilient, agile and stronger. Find out more in our annual report.