The new European project NewSkin, in which Sirris is a participant, explores the potential of nano-based surfaces for industrial and consumer products.

In the context of the event 'Optimising Wind Farms In Cold Climates' which took place on 17 and 18 October in Antwerp, OWI-Lab welcomed a delegation from the wind industry. The event focuses both on the commercial and technical complexities, which form an obstacle for the operation of wind farms. This was perfectly demonstrated in the climate chamber of OWI-Lab.

extreme weather, climate chamber

Just like people and animals machines have to be protected against (excessively) low temperatures. Vehicles, in particular, suffer a lot from the cold. A solution which strongly reduces the emission and fuel cost, wear and maintenance costs and increases the driver comfort was recently presented.

Wind turbines can generate electricity even in the most extreme winter weather. At least if they are made resilient enough. Designers of motors and turbines can all rely on our extensive expertise to allow electricity generation even in extreme climates.

Last year, OWI-Lab's test facility made some new investments, in order to support the wind power industry with functional testing of electrical machinery as if it were installed in an existing wind turbine. CG Power Systems was one of the first companies to perform tests.

Researchers of the Dutch Delft University of Technology have performed R&D icing and low temperatures tests on a new de-icing technique in OWI-Lab’s climate chamber. These tests will help them to further develop a de-icing technique based on ns-DBD plasma actuators.

In the search for lower fuel consumption, engines have become leaner, have higher compression ratios and combust at higher temperatures. This results in relatively low CO and HC emissions, but high emissions of NOx. In order to counter this effect, after-treatment systems have been deployed, but cold starts remain a problem. The high NOx emissions can be reduced in several ways. Full vehicle testing is essential for obtaining the best results. OWI-Lab has the proper testing equipment that is also suitable for large off-highway vehicles.