How do patents relate to product innovation? A study by several American economists.

Two days of conferences and training to amp up your intellectual property strategy!

Sirris gave a presentation on artificial intelligence and intellectual property, together with BEA, at the CFIB's Annual Days in Lyon.

A brand new function enables PATENTSCOPE users to conduct searches by chemical structure included in patent documents. This function recognises the names of chemical compounds or their structures, based on diagrams included in patent applications.

What are the key characteristics of a good trademark ? It must be distinctive and available. It must be registered, but also kept alive.

What is Big Data and how can issues relating to property, private life and intellectual property affect major data projects?

Information that is kept confidential by companies in order to preserve a competitive advantage is called a 'trade secret'. A new Directive covers its protection.

i-DEPOT, a means of establishing the existence of your idea, concept, creation, prototype, etc.

Reliable intellectual property statistics are an important tool in understanding trends in policy, business and technology worldwide.

The Sirris Patent Cell plans to broadcast a series of videos of specialists explaining intellectual property issues.