In its workshop in Diepenbeek Sirris is creating a new demonstrator, on which it will have to be possible to create smooth (3D) surfaces. Mechanical components with rough surfaces are preferably to be avoided. You will have to perform some time-consuming and expensive tricks to smoothen the surface. Our new demonstrator will enable us to produce components with smooth surfaces.

Today, the combination of coating and texturing is a viable option for our manufacturing industry, but the number of possibilities is immense. That is why we want to know which functionalities you would like to add to the surface of your product, machine or process. Let us know! Fill in our survey and receive the anonymous results afterwards!

A new colleague has recently joined our team in Kortrijk: a cooperative robot!

In its workshop in Diepenbeek Sirris is creating a new demonstrator, which will include a tracking-and-tracing station. The design for this station is finished! Discover in this blog what it will do.

In our factory 4.0 people will be assisted by machines. That’s why we created a polishing cell where a cobot and an employee can work together on the same project.

Belgium is the fourth most productive country in the world, but our productivity growth has been sputtering. In this series we present five practical tips to boost productivity in the office and on the shop floor.

Creating a new demonstrator starts with creating space on the shop floor to put all these new technologies and equipment. We reorganised, cleaned up (a lot), threw out everything we didn’t touch for years and renewed some equipment to create some space. This was a huge work.

3D printing in the industry is an expertise that is becoming increasingly important. This is shown by a recent study in which Sirris collaborated and also by our own experience. After all, Sirris has almost 30 years of experience and expertise in the field, based on which it can offer companies the necessary support.

On 29 April, the Smart & Digital Factory Lab in Kortrijk received a delegation from Argentina. The visitors showed a strong interest in the possibilities of Industry 4.0 and what it can bring to the cooperation between man and robot.

On the 13th of June, you can come to our Kortrijk branch for an introduction to the newest addition to our infrastructure: an industrial robot, which will be able to work close to people, and an AGV. This presentation fits in the context of the official opening of the Factory for the Future Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics labs.