DSM - in partnership with other large companies - has developed Dyneema, a bio-based fibre (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene).

Making money with a product that hardly ever breaks is a real challenge and requires a different perspective: don't sell your product, sell the use of your product or its functionality. Does this sound a little abstract? We will make it concrete by giving an example of an SME that manages to offer its product - an entrance mat - as a service to the customer.

A new coating based on rapeseed oil can provide temporary protection against corrosion in extreme sea conditions or high humidity.

The pressure on products of fossil origin is increasing and bio-based alternatives are gaining in importance, but there is still a lot of work to be done. This is no different in the coating industry. Early this year we kicked off the project 'Bio-based coatings: an opportunity for a sustainable company and world'.

Sirris is active in several competitive clusters in Wallonia which group companies and actors around promising economic fields: Mecatech, Skywin, Biowin, Greenwin.

An innovative circular model is not a standard R&D project: it requires a structured process approach that goes far beyond the product and requires quick tests and continuous adjustments from entrepreneurs. These are the main findings of the pilot project Expedition Circular, a collaboration between VITO, Agoria, Sirris and Start it @KBC.

Industrialisation and digitisation are not exclusive to major multinational firms. They are also within reach of small and medium-sized companies. AW Europe has just proved so, by obtaining one of the two Factory of the Future titles awarded for Wallonia in 2019.

During the fifth edition of the Factory of the Future Awards ten companies had the honour of receiving the title of Factory of the Future, the award granted by Sirris and Agoria to companies that best succeed in reconciling the technologies of the future with work tailored to people and the environment. One of the winners is Mirion Technologies, producer of detectors for the identification of nuclear radiation.

Shorter product-to-market-times and higher expectations for sustainability, reliability and quality have ensured that product tests form an important link in the development process of products.

Fischbach produces packaging for the silicon and adhesive industry. This international company with a branch in Temse makes injection moulded tubes that are subsequently printed on. The company explored the possibilities of sustainable packaging alternatives.