Unknown makes unloved, which is all too often still applicable to composite materials. The close relation between part design, materials and manufacturing processes, can be daunting. This is why with its eighth white paper the SLC-Lab wants to pass on some essential information on liquid moulding processes for thermoset composites. You can download the white paper now!

Large volumes of composite material are soon to be disposed of, without established processing routes. While a range of technologies for recycling are available, these technologies are not yet embedded in a profitable value chain. The CompositeLoop project identifies business opportunities, informs about the current bottlenecks and proposes solutions for recycling large composite parts in the context of the whole value chain. Our workshop on 17 January focusses on the waste stream of yachts and boats.

They meet with unanimous praise from designers and producers of innovative products in the industrial world. 'They' are thermoplastic composites, the qualities of which are convincing... And now facing a new challenge: how to implement these composites faster and at the lowest cost? Explanation below.

Sirris is involved in a European project whose objective is to develop a new composite concept with complex optimised geometry. It is based on the combination of several technologies, from tailored fibre placement to produce the preform up to manufacture of the mould by incremental sheet forming.

Are you just a beginner or experienced user? There’s something for everybody with our crash course and our masterclass! We’re providing the fundamental principles relating to various themes, each time with the necessary depth.

The use of lightweight components stands or falls on the choice of materials. Product value, product costs, production costs, development costs and risks are, however, difficult to estimate when dealing with lesser known materials such as composites. The seventh white paper focusses on tooling for composites.

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The next edition of the Materials trade fair, which takes place on 31 May and 1 June in Veldhoven, has a practice-oriented set-up themed around four pillars: materials, surface techniques, joining techniques and analysis techniques. Keynote speeches and live demos will be presented in the different Experience Areas to inspire visitors. Sirris and BIL/IBS will also be there.