The 1970s brought us the mainframe, the 1980s the PC, the 1990s the Internet, the Millennium the social/mobile Web - albeit a potentially arguable evolution - and the 2010s introduced us to the bitcoin and the blockchain. What exactly is the blockchain? And how come, despite its enormous potential, its industrial adoption (in Belgium) is lagging behind?

On 19 October Brussels will host the Digital First event, a leading conference for the digitalisation business. The purpose of the event is exploring the latest technologies, the newest wave of technological adoption, market evolution, new solutions, innovative technology, new opportunities and trends.

When your developers are continuously busy managing servers and upgrading operating systems, they have no time to work on your product and you loose competitive power. Besides time ‘serverless computing’ also gives you other advantages.

The new rules imposed by the recently adopted EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are about to significantly impact the cloud industry, whether in the EU or further abroad. From May 2018, any organisation or company that collects, uses or shares personal information about European citizens/customers will have to demonstrate compliance with this legal instrument.

Discover more about Sirris’ 3 key takeaways from SecureCloud 2016, Europe’s foremost cloud security conference.

Confidentiality and integrity of data is paramount to applications that are hosted in the cloud and to applications that interact with other cloud services. The SeCloud project investigates a security-first and holistic approach to engineering of cloud-based applications.

For years now the retail sector has closely followed the evolution of the internet. In the meantime e-commerce is no longer a dark area for many companies and cloud computing is increasingly appearing in the picture. Cloud computing helps retailers to deal with competition. For these reasons Comeos and Agoria have arranged an exclusive seminar that takes place on 20 April including case studies and attended by renowned cloud computing experts, including Nick Boucart van Sirris.

On November 27, Agoria App Alliance and Nebucom will organise an info session about apps and the cloud to offer insights into these services and architecture models for mobile and SAAS applications.

Within the context of the NebuCom project Sirris, Agoria, iMinds and Lsec are organising a two-day bootcamp session about the legal aspects of cloud computing on 13 and 28 October. If your company wants to take a step towards cloud computing, don’t miss this event!

These past months we drummed up major international names in cloud computing for a series of workshops. The starting point of the sessions: Focus on your business, leave your IT infrastructure to the cloud. After meet & greets with Amazon, Rackspace, IBM and CSC, you could also hear six Belgian cloud specialists speak during our final meeting on 11 February in Brussels. They gave a bunch of valuable tips to take into account for people who want to set up a powerful cloud infrastructure. In my previous posts you could pick up useful suggestions from Daniel Bartz (ComodIT), Frederik Denkens (Skyscrapers) and Thijs Feryn (Combell). Last but not least here is Pierre De Landsheere.