Mark Van Pee

Everyone is talking about digitisation these days, but what does it actually imply for your production? We immerse ourselves in the subject and help you make a tangible difference to your business and your customer with digitisation.

Jan Kempeneers

It was possible this time for the second guidance group meeting in the COBOFIN project to take place physically and this was combined with a visit and demonstration at Cibo Robotics.

Pascal Pollet

From 7 to 11 March, the EU-Japan Centre is organising a 5-day intensive training mission for European executives familiar with World Class Manufacturing. The programme consists of various lectures and visits to a number of leading Japanese companies in order to improve productivity.

Eddy Kunnen

Sirris conducts research into how new technologies can become meaningful in industrial applications. One of them is femtosecond laser technology. The effect of texturing on friction was shown using a demonstrator.

Peter ten Haaf

Every year, the European Commission awards those EU-funded projects, which demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development. With the goal of inspiring other regions across Europe, participating projects are in the spotlight of communication activities at European level. Sirris is proud to announce that our EFRO project 'Integration of 3D metal printing' is one of the 25 finalists in the category SMART Europe.

Pascal Pollet

Group Nivelles NV, a family business specialising in bathrooms and drain systems, distributes its products both throughout Belgium and internationally, and is continuously growing and improving its processes and products. The company had noticed that its lead time for new customized orders was too long and wanted to reduce it.

Olivier Rigo
Thomas Kairet

What can go wrong in additive manufacturing and how to tackle these challenges? This is the topic of a webinar by A6K | Advanced Engineering Center, in cooperation with Sirris. Expect a deep dive into operational and quality issues in industrial AM processes for metals (laser powder bed fusion, electron beam melting and laser cladding), followed by mitigation solutions.


Eddy Kunnen

Laser engraving is a fast and efficient way to permanently mark all kinds of materials. Laser engraving comes in all shapes and sizes. Colours are also possible. Various techniques and technologies are available for this.

Tom Jacobs

Everyone is looking at 'Industrie 4.0' and is busy digitalising: connecting machines, making dashboards, integrating sensors, etc. However, we have noticed that in these processes the basis, the processing itself, is often regarded as secondary or even completely lost sight of. Productivity is achieved first and foremost through high-performance machining processes, which is why we want to use a webinar series to brush up on the basics of machining operations and make the link to the '4.0' or digital evolution.

Eddy Kunnen

The use of femtosecond lasers for laser marking, instead of the classical nano- and picosecond lasers can prevent corrosion. Unknown is unloved and therefore Sirris gives you the opportunity not only to get acquainted with this new laser technology, but also to compare it with the technology you have in-house.