Patrick Cosemans

In recent years, efficient alternatives for hard chrome applications have been sought. An urgent need, as the deposition process for hard chrome uses chromium trioxide, which is toxic and carcinogenic, and therefore subject to heavy regulation. It will be banned in the short term for various applications. Although there are alternatives, they do not necessarily meet the desired specifications or may require major modifications to the production facilities. An ongoing research project explores three ways for developing alternative coating technologies and materials.

Mathias Verbeke

Nowadays, a wide variety of algorithms is available in different data analytics libraries or toolkits for data analytics. The question is therefore not whether an algorithm exists to solve your problem, but rather which one is the right fit for the job. Learn how to choose the correct algorithm for a specific task in our new two-session webinar on 18 and 21 May.

Bas Rottier
Gunthram Cornelis

In order to strengthen its ambitions for a Factory of the Future, injection moulding company Anziplast recently started organising a monthly online R&D talk. Under the motto Stay Connected, 15 employees and an external guest exchange new solutions, knowledge and ideas. Sirris joined the discussion during the first session and seamlessly integrated the R&D talk with the Crisis Code Cracker intake interview. We do not want to withhold this inspiring story about innovation from the bottom up!

Pascal Pollet

Belgium is the fourth most productive country in the world, but our productivity growth has been sputtering. In this series, we present some practical tips that can easily boost productivity in the office and on the shop floor.

Pieter Beyl

Adding sensors, intelligence, connectivity and cloud applications to your product: easier said than done if you are less familiar with all those digital technologies. To avoid the pitfalls that lead to extra costs, delays and wrong technology choices, it is best to gain the necessary insights from the start to steer your development in the right direction. Join our group coaching session 'How to build your smart product'!

Jithu Nair

With the massive progress made in computer vision and the easy availability of cheap computational power in recent years, the huge demand for smart solutions to be delivered on small single board computers could be easily met. More and more, computer vision algorithms are being deployed for vision on a variety of edge use cases such as drones, security cameras, mobile applications, retail analytics, ...

Guy Claus

The DCT4Cut project investigated the benefits of heat treatment with deep cryogenic heat treatment and the use of special coatings for the service life of complex punching tools. Four different types of cold work steel were  studied by Sirris andthe Fraunhofer institute.

Setareh Gorji Ghalamestani

Qualify project partners Sirris and Damen are performing a market study on the application of adhesive bonding in offshore and marine sectors. The study gives an overview of the current state of the application of adhesive bonding in various sectors, focuses on the challenges and advantages of technology in offshore harsh environments and presents several case studies showing successfully performed industrial projects. You can receive it by helping us!

Eddy Kunnen

The build-up of ice on the wings and propellers of an aircraft, drone or wind turbine results in reduced lift or increased consumption. Ice formation may be actively and passively combated. It’s recently been shown that making the surface superhydrophobic in certain weather conditions can counteract this ice formation.

Patrick Doumen
Joey Bosmans

Increasing the life span of materials with less impact from weather and environmental conditions is one of the key drivers in today's circular economy to reduce our environmental footprint. It is important to be able to quickly carry out simulations on products and components that show the impact of corrosion and oxidation on components and products.