Caroline Mair

Few technologies capture the imagination as much as artificial intelligence. Being able to adjust the present or predict the future based on data: which entrepreneur does not want this? Especially in industrial environments, data is considered the new gold. You work not only with data from people, but also from machines. The latter can be adjusted with new insights, in order to optimise the processes. Sounds good in theory, but where to start?

Bram Cloet

In 2021, Fairwind - a Belgian company that designs and manufactures vertical axis wind turbines - performed climatic environmental tests on a 50 kW-Polar-Version-Wind Turbine prototype inside the Large Climatic Test Chamber at OWI-Lab, Sirris. Those tests were conducted to verify, at very low temperatures, the proper behaviour of its full-scale Polar-Version central shaft.

Benoit Olbrechts

Technology transfer is the best way to valorise research results when the will or the means are not there to exploit them commercially. Through an overview of concrete cases, the European Patent Office invites us to take a look at the difficulties, but also the strategic means available to achieve a technology transfer.

Pieter Beyl
Thierry Coutelier

Many companies struggle with drawing up a solid business case for their smart product. Developing a solution that responds to customers’ genuine need and that delivers sufficient value is far from easy. Especially if you want to keep the costs of developing and marketing your solution under control.

Nick Boucart

Today is all about digital transformation, serving customers through apps and websites, or capturing all kinds of data through sensors and doing great things with it. All that information and the success stories obviously make people dream about how that would work in their own context.


Thomas Vandenhaute

Switching to a circular economy is a must for our planet. Making the earth a better place and earning a living at the same time, that is what we are committed to.

Tatiana Galibus
Annanda Rath
Christophe Michiels

Sirris has recently launched its cybersecurity service for manufacturing. As we start to reach out to companies via our free intake or individual coaching, we receive more and more questions about connectivity. For manufacturers it seems a complex matter, but with several structured tips it can be easily resolved.

Thomas Vandenhaute
Stefan Milis
Julien Amadou

Soaring prices, supply problems of all kinds of raw materials and products ... these are all burning issues that can have a major impact on your business. Will the Club of Rome's prediction that our raw materials will be depleted come true, or is this just a temporary glitch linked to stronger economic growth after this crisis? And above all, what can we do to protect ourselves? Is this growth in itself really such a great idea?

Mark Van Pee

Everyone is talking about digitisation these days, but what does it actually imply for your production? We immerse ourselves in the subject and help you make a tangible difference to your business and your customer with digitisation.

Frank Van den Broek

A recent patent application reveals a new authentication solution in the fight against materials counterfeiting, one that combines hyperspectral imaging with machine learning.