SMART is a EUREKA cluster programme on advanced manufacturing. The fourth call for projects is open.

Many companies that build physical products are increasingly aware of the potential of smart(er) products and the Internet of Things, and are exploring what this can mean for their product and business. Easier said than done.

On 16 November the European Committee for Standardization will be organizing an online workshop on pressure equipment standardization.

You always get the best feedback from users. That's no different for the Cesar Tool. We are happy to share the learning lessons and some critical reflections that we were able to discuss with a number of users in the meantime.

On 21 October, speakers from Voestalpine and Optimus3D will talk about additive manufacturing of moulds. Classical manufacturing of such moulds involves processes such as milling, grinding and polishing. All of these processes consume a significant amount of time and cost. Such cost can be accepted for large volumes of replications, but it becomes critical for lower production volumes that need to be delivered quickly.

The Factory 4.0 Interreg project is coming to an end. The balance is drawn up in the latest newsletter and the results are shown, by means of demonstrators and testimonials from companies.

“Times of crisis are pre-eminently times when things need to be reconsidered and thought through." This is how entrepreneur Jos Deslee starts his plea for external advisors on the website Made in West-Flanders, aimed at encouraging companies to evolve towards more professionalism, especially in these corona times. This valuable advice applies to all companies, in particular SMEs.

3D printing with steel offers tremendous opportunity, but how do you do it? There are so many choices to make and points to consider when taking your first steps in this amazing world. Even if you already have some experience, you may encounter hurdles that are difficult to take. Sirris, CRM and BIL have been working together in the INSIDE Metal AM project, and we want to share with you what we have learned about steel 3D printing.

The new European project NewSkin, in which Sirris is a participant, explores the potential of nano-based surfaces for industrial and consumer products.

Products developed for operations in harsh environments can truly benefit from innovation in sustainable design and materials. On 22 October Sirris will organise a webinar focusing on different challenging situations where the right choice in material and design can make or break your product.