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4.0 Made Real

Sirris has built its own 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory for the manufacturing industry

Production lines must be faster, more accurate and more flexible than ever to anticipate changing demand. Industry 4.0 is often suggested as the solution, but what does it entail and how can companies benefit from it? Many companies are not yet fully aware of what Industry 4.0 means in practice. One year ago, Sirris therefore built its 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory, to concretise the Industry 4.0 concept with nine digital building blocks.


The 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory combines innovative production technologies with smart, digital solutions: integration of 3D printing, cobot polishing, laser texturing, an innovative data architecture, eID, connected machines, a transparent shop floor, integrated quality control and digital operator support. 

Digitised production lines for personalised products

The pilot factory acts as a virtual connection between the Sirris sites in Hasselt and Liège. A customer-supplier relationship has been established, with similarities to the day-to-day reality at many manufacturers. Sirris converted the Hasselt site into a digital production line for reception of 3D-printed components from Liège. All the potential aspects encountered by manufacturers are addressed in this realistic industrial environment. The Liège site is investigating how companies can collect and store all production and control data throughout the production process, using a digital product passport.


“We have demonstrated the potential of technological innovation for the entire production chain in our factory, based on the production of a personalised watch. The applied technology is now also digitally integrated and connected.”

Peter Ten Haaf, Program Manager Precision Manufacturing

“We want to capture and register all data on origin, storage, bulk material, on every step of the process, and on process and material stability. This information follows the product throughout the chain.” 

Olivier Rigo, Team Leader Additive Manufacturing


On 7 November, we unveiled our 4.0 Made Real infrastructure and opened its doors to the manufacturing industry. The launch received no fewer than 250 visitors from the industry. Our experts were ready to assist manufacturers in Belgium when taking their first or next steps towards Industry 4.0.