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Scaling of digital companies

Scale-up projects make it easier to transition from start-up to scale-up

Sirris and Agoria offer a range of support options for digital product scale-ups with a good product/market-fit, via the project supported by VLAIO. These options include a learning network, individual coaching and in-depth workshops on topics such as the art of scaling, funding, internationalisation, pricing and digital product management.

Coaching and networking

Over the three years the project has been running, we have already coached 90 scale-ups. The 2019 participants included Oncomfort (virtual reality for clinical hypnosis), Mobietrain (microlearning and Starter of the Year) and Virteo (an online credit management-platform). Participants’ feedback on the approach is almost unanimously positive. 


A ‘deep dive’ was organised for a few of the companies in the scale-up network. This consisted of three hands-on sessions with the company, in each of which a specific topic was discussed in depth. Examples included internalisation strategy, pricing or product/market-fit.


About 50 businesses also took part in the two-yearly events hosted by the One Million Club. The members of the ‘club’ are scale-ups that have raised at least a million euro in capital or have a turnover of the same amount, such as June Energy, Guardsquare and The focus at these events is on networking and peer-to-peer interaction in a setting of entrepreneurs working with other entrepreneurs. 


We also offered four sessions where we shared our expertise with other stakeholders in the ecosystem, especially accelerators. For example, we gave workshops on ‘Growth Strategy’ at Bizidee, on ‘Advisory Boards’ at Start it @KBC and at Ernst & Young, and on 'Pricing' at Bryo/Voka.

Internationalisation strategy

As part of, 80 scale-ups were asked to take part in a survey on internationalisation strategy. A quantitative analysis was performed on the international markets where Flemish start-ups operate. The results of the survey and the analysis were used to map the internationalisation requirements of Flemish scale-ups. The start-up and scale-up ecosystem in the Republic of Ireland was also studied, given the similar B2B focus in both the Irish start-up ecosystem and its Belgian counterpart.