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Security and privacy for IoT applications begins at the design phase

In the near future, the IoT is expected to connect billions of everyday home, office and industrial devices. It is not difficult to imagine the extent of the damage if a weak security platform (or application) is used to control the devices and manage the exchange of data between them. While the IoT promises to improve productivity and help people work better and faster, cyberattacks could potentially wipe out any gains in productivity. In extreme cases, unthinkable damage could be caused.


A secure platform and environment are therefore important for IoT devices, to ensure user safety and prevent the unwanted consequences of a security breach. In this sense, organisations delivering and using IoT systems must be diligent in their protection of device data. Security aspects must be considered and implemented in their early design phase, not as an afterthought.


Sirris has built up extensive experience and knowhow in IoT security and has recently published a series of white papers in this field, discussing all the potential obstacles in detail. Download the white papers here.


An integrated approach to IoT, security and DevOps

Sirris has been involved in the ITEA3 SCRATCh (SeCuRe and Agile Connected Things) project since 2018, with the support of Innoviris. SCRATCh is a joint project with multinationals that aims to provide the necessary building blocks to integrate systems and backbone logics for Connected Things (an IoT system). It takes into account the main concerns for software-intensive systems today: security, agility, and the need for continuous deployment. Security is one of the key aspects addressed in the project. SCRATCh focuses not only on secure system design, but also on threat modelling, risk assessment and an IoT security verification standard for the development of connected things, specifically on secure DevOps for connected things.


Sirris has taken on two important roles in this project, as national coordinator for Belgian businesses and subcontractor for NVISO, a Brussels company that provides support in terms of secure embedded systems for IoT systems. Sirris also supports NVISO with the dissemination and exploitation plan and with the organisation of technical workshops focused on raising awareness of IoT system security.