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Conceptual engineering

For mechatronic products and systems it is 'make or break' early in the engineering process, as in the conceptual phase both the innovation potential and the risks reach their peak. Here crucial decisions are taken that affect the development time, the budget, and the quality of the end product. In 2016, Sirris again provided Belgian companies with support in this regard: with the appropriate requirements, methodologies, and tools, creative ideas for solutions, IP expertise, and broader multidisciplinary engineering.

DiBO designs energy-efficient hybrid high-pressure cleaner

DiBO is paying increasing attention to ecological aspects when developing new machinery. For customers, this means a longer lifetime for their cleaning units, the possibility of using green energy, energy efficiency, and reduced emissions. A new hybrid high-pressure cleaner would meet these needs. The company called in Sirris for the development of this product. Our team worked with DiBO on devising the technological innovation plan and provided conceptual-engineering support.

Support for consortium developing integrated AM system

In 2015, Flanders Make and Sirris along with six other partners launched the Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research (ICON) project Amprodchain with a view to building up know-how and providing a proof of concept for the integration of Additive Manufacturing (AM) into manufacturing systems for serial production of customised parts. One of Sirris's contributions was to adopt a structured development approach, from requirements to development through to testing, in which the various partners can develop the modules jointly and in parallel.