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Smart coating

Coatings' water-resistant, durable, corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial, easy-to-clean, and self-cleaning properties mean that they have as many applications as they do benefits. For years now, Sirris has been helping Belgian companies to get to grips with the very latest coating technologies, doing this in our Smart Coating Application Lab in Diepenbeek, which was expanded in 2016 with brand-new coating facilities.

Invisible coating for parts of vintage cars wanted... and found

Sirris got under the hood of some vintage cars and gave Cebo Automotive a hand finding an invisible protective coating for engine parts.

Fast-forwarding PVC fabrics' life cycle helps with determining coatings' durability

Sirris conducted accelerated aging tests to map the longevity of Veldeman Structure Solutions' PVC-coated fabrics.

Eurautomat ensures it's game over for electrostatic discharge in gaming machines

Eurautomat wanted to find an antistatic coating to eliminate electrostatic discharges in its gaming machines, teaming up with Sirris for this purpose.

How a smart coating can turn a traditional coating into a heat-resistant shield

Vepola Industrial Coatings called in Sirris's Smart Coating Application Lab to develop an innovative smart coating to act as a heat-resistant shield.