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Composites already form the basis for a number of eye-catching innovations in the aerospace and automotive sectors among others. They are lighter and more energy-efficient, have a higher performance level, and provide for greater design freedom. Their use makes unique combinations of a host of properties possible. Making the right choices is key to the breakthrough of optimally designed lightweight components, with each of the substructures being made of the most appropriate material. 

SLC Lab develops and produces use case for Siemens and Flanders Make

Within the ICON Videspro research project project, Flanders Make and Siemens called in SLC-Lab for the development and production of a use case.

BVC Development develops fire-resistant composites

BVC Development was looking for a way to make composites fire-resistant: a requirement imposed by many sectors that is at odds with the traditional composition of these materials. The matrix material typically consists of a flammable epoxy, and SLC-Lab contributed to this innovative development.