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Innovation in additive manufacturing from research to optimisation

Sirris is one of the leading European organisations when it comes to developing and rolling out additive-manufacturing technology, and its increasingly strategic support benefited hundreds of industrial projects in 2016.

Additive manufacturing has shown its worth in producing lighter parts, incorporating additional features, and optimising production flows. Machinery today is becoming increasingly precise, fast and reliable, with the ability to produce more complex geometrical designs in an ever wider range of materials. Since 2016, Sirris has been offering companies comprehensive strategic support in this area. 

Projects in 2016

Strategic support

Many start-ups now provide a quality prototyping service to help businesses to check their blueprints. In this light, since 2016 Sirris has revamped its range of services to offer a more strategic partnership. It supports companies at every stage of their project: exploring the potential of additive manufacturing (AM), technology choices, design, development, rollout, integration into existing processes, optimisation and so on, with a view to enabling a real knowledge transfer and empowerment over time.

New expertise

Sirris just keeps on developing its expertise, and its 20 or so research projects in 2016 were particularly important in this regard. Various industrial projects also saw it acquiring new areas of expertise, such as the development, on behalf of the European Space Agency, of a post-finishing strategy for titanium, aluminum and Invar metal parts produced by additive manufacturing - a project that led Sirris to investigate electrolytic polishing and polishing with vibratory finishing.

Standards Cell for additive manufacturing

On September 1, 2016, Sirris opened a new Standards Cell focusing on additive manufacturing. Set up with the support of Belgium's FPS Economy and Bureau for Standardization (NBN), it aims to inform Belgian companies about existing and future AM-related standards - something that is absolutely crucial for our companies to anticipate and take on board European and international standards from the start. 

Two new companies involved in additive manufacturing

Two new SMEs involved in additive manufacturing were established with Sirris's support in 2016. Cerhum specializes in 3D printing of ceramics for medical purposes (implants) and technical applications. Sirris helped it to develop its ceramic paste and the machinery using it. Meanwhile, Any-Shape - which offers companies additive-manufacturing services, with a special focus on prototyping - has drawn on Sirris's 25 years of experience to accelerate its development.

Moments of inspiration

RapidPro 2016 congress

Sirris is using two lectures and a stand to share its experience concerning a key stage for the success of an additive manufacturing process, namely design. 

Event presenting Sirris's strategic support for additive manufacturing

This afternoon event saw about 80 company and production managers learning how Sirris could now provide them with support regarding every aspect of additive manufacturing, at every stage of their R&D project. 

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