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The OWI Lab deploys its versatile measuring systems and advanced data analysis for measuring and monitoring campaigns at wind farms, while in the climatic test chamber wind turbine components are tested under extreme conditions. The objective is to make wind energy cheaper and more reliable by means of research.

TU Delft researchers test innovative de-icing technique in Sirris’s climate chamber

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) conducts pioneering research into new technologies for the wind industry. The research team developed a new technique to prevent icing on turbine rotor blades and used the large climate chamber at Sirris’s OWI Lab to validate their prototype.

Siemens field-tests a de-icing system for wind turbine blades

In early 2015, Wind aan de Stroom, a consortium of port authorities and private investors, began building one of Belgium’s largest onshore wind farms in the port of Antwerp. Siemens Wind Power is supplying and installing the powerful turbines. The rotor blades contain a brand-new technology for keeping the blades free from ice. In partnership with Sirris’s OWI Lab, Siemens validated the technology’s functionalities on site..

C-Power investigates ageing process in offshore turbine foundations

C-Power operates the very first offshore wind farm off the Belgian coast. Since offshore wind farm construction is still in its infancy and turbine foundations are exposed to extreme conditions, C-Power has teamed up with Sirris and VUB to monitor the structures. This will enable it to keep track of the ageing process and plan maintenance work in an informed way.

CG Power Systems tests its transformers under extreme climatic conditions

As a leading manufacturer of wind turbine transformers, Mechelen-based CG Power Systems is continuously researching ways of making electrical machinery lighter and more compact without compromising on power. Before a new model comes to market, it is tested to ensure that it can withstand extreme climatic conditions. For this, CG Power Systems relies on the test facilities and expertise of the Sirris OWI Lab.