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Mechatronics 4.0

Industry 4.0 is about the transition to smart and flexible production systems, with the integration of ICT, electronics and low-cost sensors enabling extensive interaction between machines, products and their environment. Sirris, Flanders Make and iMinds combine their expertise to help companies develop connected autonomous machines.

Smarthead Innovations develops drumhead with printed sensors

Tuning acoustic drums is a time-consuming business. A digital drumhead, with printed sensors that record the vibrations, could provide a solution. But such sensors are also useful when the drums are being played: they monitor the drumhead vibrations and the force and position of each strike, enabling drumming to be digitalised. To investigate the feasibility of a solution involving printed sensors for its smart drumhead, developer Smarthead Innovations sought assistance from Sirris.

VIS project gets innovation followers on track with new technologies

While open source technologies and rapid development platforms are lowering the barriers for SMEs, these players are not always aware of their systems’ improvement potential or how to implement improvements cost-effectively. With the VIS project ‘Mechatronics for innovation followers’, Sirris is showing them the way.

Towards smart care beds for Haelvoet with Mechatronics 4.0

Haelvoet, which manufactures beds for the health and care sector, was looking for ways to make patient care more efficient while also enhancing comfort and safety. Sirris developed a prototype for a smart bed, involving sensors, a central processing unit and a software application. This will allow healthcare professionals to better monitor their patients and automate their workflow.