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Innovative surface treatment makes all the difference

The Smart Coating Application Lab in Diepenbeek worked flat out in 2015. Our experts helped Belgian SMEs to enhance their products with new or improved properties based on smart coatings.

Water repellent, durable, corrosion-resistant, antibacterial, easy-to-clean or even self-cleaning: the applications of coatings are as numerous as the advantages they offer. That’s why Sirris has been helping Belgian companies for years to get to grips with the latest coating technologies to give their products greater value added. We continued to do this in 2015 at our Smart Coating Application Lab in Diepenbeek, by means of targeted advice, collective projects and an exciting new series of roadshows.

“Smart coatings not only enable more and better functions, they can also often substantially reduce the product finishing cost.”

Projects in 2015

  • Roadshows: For the second year in a row, we took to the roads of Flanders to educate companies about the benefits of surface treatment technologies at three roadshows. As well as talks by Belgian coating specialists, the roadshows featured companies who had already successfully launched specific coating innovations and applications.
  • Prince: A two-year R&D project at Bruges-based enamel powder manufacturer Prince came to an end in 2015. The project saw Sirris study adhesion mechanisms between steel and enamel with a view to developing a new environmentally-friendly enamel powder. We identified alternative substances that can be applied to steel as a base layer in order to strengthen the adhesion. Prince has now patented this method.
  • NanoHVAC: In partnership with HVAC manufacturer Vento, we continued work on a previously launched European research project. The aim was to improve the insulation of air ducts and enhance the air quality inside them. The solution involved, on the one hand, a new non-combustible and sprayable insulation material and, on the other, an innovative antibacterial and air-purifying coating applied to the air filters. In our lab we tested the insulation and worked on upscaling production of the material.

Which projects are we working on now?

  • Prototypes: As well as providing coating expertise, Sirris offers practical help to develop prototypes, optimise coatings and then upscale them to the actual production process. In so doing we focus specifically on SMEs that see value added in functional coatings for their products or production components.
  • New investments: To expand its service offering, Sirris recently invested €400,000 in a cutting-edge spray cabin, including pre- and post-processing equipment, as well as a teach-by-demonstration robot. This will make it easier for operators to coat small product series.
  • Roadshows: In our ‘Live on the coated side of life’ series, we focus on the value of smart coatings for 3D-printed parts. These coatings can substantially enhance the surface quality of initially rough products, in a cost-effective way.

Moments of inspiration

  • Roadshow 1: Things go better with a coating
  • Roadshow 2: Protect your product
  • Roadshow 3: Innovative functional coatings

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